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Full Version: Got caught
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Ok so i got caught doing 45 in a 30 got pulled over by a policeman who showed me the gun with 45 on it and told me i will be getting 3 points and £60 fine i got a 7 day producer.

The road was a really long 30mph limit and they were parked in a bus stop on a long sweeping bend also it was 10:00pm.

Im going to do my producer either today or tomorrow is there anything i need to know before i do it i thought he was going to let me off the hook since ive only had my car about a month (had my lisence since march, this is my first car)

Anyway thanks in advance for any info etc

Its very hard to fight if you are pulled over, I assume from you post the alleged speed is about right ?
To fight you will need a expensive solictor (2k+) and you may not beable to claim all that back if you won (which is not guarenteed)

I think I would justtake the hit unless there is somethingyou have not told us

the speed was about right yeah my friend said something about because they parked in a bus stop within bus running hours then they shouldn't be able to do it but i doubt that. looks like im going to have to take it - do they send off both parts of your lisence and how long will it take to get back as im going away this weekend and need my lisence for ID as i dont have a passport
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