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Full Version: 6 month rule ?? please
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xedos 6
Today a summons for the 26th September popped thru the door I am not disputing the summons just clarification on the 6 month rule please , added to this I am on my hoildays from friday night so please excuse the quick post as i am trying also to pack suitcases as well as deal with this wacko.gif

all postage and rules are ok for these nips below

brief of all events
missed red light in company van 21-2-06 my fault
Company receives NIP 23-2-06 responded promptly
I receive NIP 15-3-06 responded promptly
I receive notification of to be dealt by magistrates no offer/fixed penelty 22-5-06
nothing heard until today summons in post today dated 6-9-06 on envelope ....due for mags apprance 26-9-06

summons states these dates
date of information 9-8-06
date of summons 17-8-06

Question how does the 6 month rule apply ?

sorry not to do this the usual way on posting guidlines but must get back to packing blink.gif

thank you to all

Xedos 6
QUOTE (xedos 6 @ Thu, 7 Sep 2006 - 20:03) *
Question how does the 6 month rule apply ?
An information (application for summons) must be laid with the court within 6 months of the date of the alleged offence. The summons itself can follow weeks later.

If your alleged RL offence was 21.02.2006 and the information was laid on 09.08.2006, then it was done so within time sad.gif
xedos 6
Thank you Nemo for your fast response and answer

so I will take what is due to me sad.gif first points in 25 years of driving blush.gif

will it stop me having a good hoilday NO wink.gif

regards and thanks again for the fast reply

Xedos 6
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