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Full Version: Foreign driving licences and points
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I was wondering as a holder of a foreign passport, it is a pink EU style one although it is not from an EU country but EEA (european economic area). Can the UK police have points put on that licence or not ?
Any driver can be issued points by a UK court, but only people who hold a UK driving licence counterpart can accept a Fixed Penalty Notice. People from EU countries can apply for a UK counterpart even without a UK issued licence. I'm not sure about EEA countries, it might apply there too, I can't find the document on the DVLA website because they've reworked it recently.

edit: I have just realised your question was different - the answer is NO, any points acquired in the UK will not go on any foreign licence. There have been proposals about exchanging points between EU countries, but that is a long way off, and wouldn't apply to EEA countries anyway.
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