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Full Version: tenuous case regarding traffic signs?
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I have have received a ticket outside my house for spending longer than permitted (code 30) in a 1hr bay. After doing some investigation it appears that the bay does not fully conform to TSRGD 2002 insofar as it should apply to the schedule 6 for 1028.4 I have measured the gaps between the road markings and according to the diagram they should be a minimum of 600mm. I have also noted that there are rules for variation of dimensions where table 2 gives an allowed variation of +20/-10%. To me this means that where a prescribed dimension is 600mm, the minimum allowed would be no less than 540mm or no more than 720mm. I have measured some of the gaps and at least threee are about 480-500mm and so are not to specification.

The bad thing is that I have had about 50 tickets out there over the last four years, all of which I have paid. The bay used to have a single yellow running all the way through it too and one of the ends used to have a double delimeter and so was marked up wrong there too. In the last three months they have changed the stretch of road to a double yellow and blacked out the old single yellow that ran through the bays (and got rid of the double markings at one of the ends.

Do you think this would give me reasonable grounds for an appeal, sort of along the lines of T-bars etc.?


appealing the new ticket should go fien

see my post from a few weeks ago 'claiming on no t-bars' for ehlp
on fighting the de minimis claim

getting repayment of old tickets is much harder
by paying up you cant go to adjudication and finding
a competetent body to retrospectively overtun on the basis
of inadeuqte signs will not be easy
(cf the PCN/NTO issue where the documents are nullities)
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