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Full Version: NIP from Sussex mobile camera
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Hi All,

Just received a NIP in the post today for 37mph offence in a 30mph area. Recorded by a roadside mobile camera.

I've been through the NIP wizard which recommended sending a PACE statement, with this in mind I wondered if anyone on these forums had experience of PACE and the Sussex Safety Camera Unit. In otherwords what's their usual response?

I already have 6 points for similar speeding offences and as I need a car to work, sole income in family etc... etc... (freelance photog) I am rather concerned.

I did actually call them today explaining that I was astounded I was doing that speed bearing in mind my predicament as I really do stick to the limits religiously, plus it's route I take at least twice a week. The fella on the other end of the phone suggested I write in requesting a photo and state my situation and send it directly to him as discretion MAY be used. Is this familiar or is it a load of codswallop as I suspect just to get me off the phone?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
Complete the NIP and post it here as there may be a fact that could assist you. Regards Peter
The NIP Wizard:
Sorry people, I'm afraid I'm a bit of a Luddite. I can't figure out how to get the NIp Wizard results onto my post!

Any ideas?

at the end of the wizard it will display your answers in blue text.
Positon the mouse cursor at the start of the text, hold down the left mouse key
Drag the cursor to the end of the blue text and let go of the left mouse button.
On the highlighted text click the Right mouse button and select copy from the pop up menu
Now open this thread and click reply to get a white box to type in
In the white area click the right mouse button and select paste from the pop up menu

add other comments is required and "add reply"

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