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Full Version: My Silly Sister - urgent
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My Sister has 9 points on her licence (all totting up) + 3 spent (4 YO), She also received an NIP which is already 28 days old ( 38 in 30 half past midnight, dated 12/02/04) She has also filled it in and signed it. icon_evil.gif

Firstly I would like to request the gatso pics but is it too late already?
(playing for time on the Idris case)

Secondly can she get away for asking for a second form? ( I could probably scan the original and remove her info but obviously there is no time to get a solicitor to fill it in. Also form states "You must sign and date below"

She is a single mum (divorced) and can probably get a letter saying she needs her car for work (to earn her massive £7,000 per year) as a school lab tech.

Should she just give in and send the Signed NIP?

Don't know if this makes a difference but it is Dorset scamera partnership

It makes me V angry, knowing where she has been caught each time she probably only really deserves 3 points (out of the 15!) at most.

Look forward to any comments TIA

Mr Rusty
Option 1. I would phone the scamera partnership tomorrow and very apologetically make up an excuse as to why the NIP has been destroyed - dog ate it / washing machine etc and ask for a replacement. I am sure that if you are polite they will send you a replacement and give you a few days to return it. I am sure I have read on one of the NG of just this being done.

You can then take the unsigned/yorke etc route. Not much point asking for evidence until you get the summons IMO, but there is lots of good advice on here.

Option 2. Send a letter, but not the NIP. with the driver information on - don't sign it. It seems that the official NIP is not necessary to provide information.

DO NOT accept the FPN (but I think it goes to magistrates anyway when you get to 12 points). DO NOT plead guilty. DO NOT send anything back signed. Better to wait and see what happens with idris/mika etc. You can always plead guilty at the very last minute after you have been summonsed, pre-trial review etc which will probably be months in the future anyway.


AJF, I would agree with Simon. If she knows she was driving and it wasn't someone else with a clean licence icon_wink.gif then put the details down on a sheet of paper, tak a copy and post the original unsigned letter by Special Delivery. That way you will have proof of postage and delivery.
Then if Idris loses his appeal she can decide what to do. If she still has 9 points she will have to go to Court in any case for them to consider disqualification.
She asked for the photo's so we have more time to play with - there was a case locally recently where the speed was wrong. When the Photos arrive I am considering the signed paper / PACE route, Can anyone give me a worst case scenario?
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