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Full Version: What bloody congestion
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I visited London on Sunday 31st July and parked outside my hotel in Great Titchfield St for the evening. This street is within the Congestion Parking Zone but as it was Sunday the rules didn't apply.
In the morning I knew I had to move the car to another area that allowed parking and subsequently moved one street to Bolsover St where I parked legally in a Disabled Bay with my badge showing.
As the parking bay was more or less at the end of Bolsover St, I had to drive to within around 15 yards of the end of the street which had a sign saying that I was leaving the Congestion Zone.
I didn't cross the sign or leave and re-enter the street.
I reversed the car into the available parking bay and left around 4.30 in the afternoon.
Now, I may be wrong in this ( I sometimes am) but I thought that the Congestion Charge was only payable for entering the area, and not for use of a road if you were already in it before the charging period started.
Do I have a liability for leaving the area when I didn't actually enter it during the charging period?

The actual Fixed Penalty Notice shows a photo of the front of the car as I drove up to, then reversed away from the camera, and into the space to park.
the congestion charge needs to be paid if you are inside the zone
during the restricted hours even if you entered during unrestricted hours


so i think you are wrong - sorry about that

you shouldnt pay if you have ablue badge but you may have had to
pre-register - not sure

it may be worth claiming over your uncertainty and the fact you have a blue badge
You know, I had trouble with parking in this Zone last year, two parking fines and a wheel clamp, because I didn't know that Westminster Council didn't allow the same sort of use of the Blue Badge as they do up north.
As if I should have known.......
Now this frigging Congestion Charge is stuck on me.
If we knew the rules we could take action to avoid breaking them.
How in hell am I expected to know the full context of the regulations for the Congestion Charge.
I visit London once a year, (at least did, won't anymore) and I have never seen a sign with all the regulations shown on it.
It's sort of like getting sent to prison because someone has made up a scheme to imprison everyone who farts on a Sunday but doesn't let anyone know about it.
Now, supposing that I had parked in the underground car park at my hotel on the Sunday evening (which is within the Zone) and left on the Monday after 8 o'clock, would I have still been liable for the charge?
I think that having a set of regulations and expecting everyone to obey them, without putting them on public display at any place where they should be enforced, is paramount to piracy.
Has anyone contested this through lack of display of signage?
if you are on private property (eg undergound car pk)
for the whole of the restcircted hours you would not have to pay

check out over blue badges
For blue badge holders there is a one off registration fee (£10 I think) which lasts until the expiry of the badge but free to renew when you renew the badge. When the CC first started they waived the £10 registration fee for early applicants so my dad took advantage of it even though we live up north and never visit London. It's handy to have just in case though. If your road taxation class is disabled you are automatically exempt from the CC.
Barking Mad
As far as I am aware:

If you move a car during the "charging period", even if it's only to do as you say you did, you are liable to pay the congestion charge.

Unfortunately, you have been dealt a win double. Leave the car where it was parked overnight and get a ticket. Move it somewhere else where it won't get a PARKING ticket, get a congestion ticket instead.

Now, <<devil's avocate mode ON>> if you were to park your car 35 KM north of Watford and walk / crawl into the city like Ken says you should, then all would be well in the land of "La-La" where the happy "Green People" live.

Only criminals drive cars. In fact, I have now discovered only criminals produce rubbish. If these criminal people didn't produce any rubbish (perhaps they should eat it or bury all of it in their gardens), then Ken & Co would not have to send around the dustbin men.

<<devil's advocate mode OFF>>

As the Sun once famously said: "Will the last person to leave the country switch the lights off"
Wesminister is the only bourough where the disable badges dont work, Unles you have a special one if you live in the area.

But if you live outside westminister and have a disable badge, no chance of it working.

States clearly in the pamphlet

Yeah, I know all about the City of Westmister parking and treatment of blue badge holders already.
Cost me an arm and a leg last year.
Because of the bloody shambles of the city driving rules I was sure I had covered the problem by searching for and using an official Disabled Car Parking spot.
I also "knew" about the Congestion Charge, in as much that I had already visited London previously, knew that I had to pay when entering the area in certain hours and paid accordingly on leaving.
I thought, (OK, thought) that the charge only applied for entering the Zone in the restricted hours.
As far as I know there are no posters displayed in the immediate vicinity of the start of the Congestion Charge Zone which give the rules clearly set out so that we can at least be made aware of them.
How in hell do we know these things, especially if we only visit the area very occasionally from up north.
Isn't there a requirement for the regulations to be displayed, such as we would expect in a private car park in order to impose certain restrictions?
I don't think Ken's daft (stupid maybe?) so expect that the system can't be beaten on this track but maybe someone knows better.
All the press reports I ever saw about the congestion charge only vaguely mentioned the rules in that those entering the area during the charging period were laible. Much mention was made of drivers starting their journey much earlier to get into the Zone before the charging period, thus implying that only those entering during this period would be charged.
I now know different of course but had I been properly informed I would have made certain I paid the £8 or whatever before I drove away from the area.
Of course I also know that being in the zone is not clearly identifiable and gives some measure of tranparency to the City unless you actually move around close to the cameras which is what I did.
I would hate to be a trader in the City, despite the supposed minimal loss of business, as I know for a fact that I won't be going to London again and I spend upwards of a £250,000 on fashions in the area in stock houses.
Plenty to be had in Manchester still.
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