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Full Version: Twice in 15 minutes!
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Like the earlier post, I too have been 'clocked' twice. However, this was not at the same time, but by the same ArriveAlive van within 15 minutes!

I was driving along in a newly changed section of road that used to be national speed limit and is now suddenly a 40 zone. As I came around the corner, with just 0.1 of a mile of 40 speed limit left, I accelerated up to 50 into the national speed limit (single carriageway, hence 60) and spotted the ArriveAlive van in the distance! Damn. Probably got me, I thought.

Went to pick up my daughter, came back and saw the van still there. To hell with him, I thought, and did 55 until just before the new 40 limit. Just before the 40 limit, I braked and slowed down to just under 40 as I passed the post.

A week later, TWO NIPs came, a 48mph one for the first occasion, and a 46mph in a 40 zone for the second!!!!!

I'm disabled and rely completely on my car, have never had a point on my licence, and to be hit for six points and 2x£60 fines is a bit much. Anyway, although I have very little money (my Total income is from state benefits, £63 pw Severe Disablement Allowance) I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt with the first one, as I probably WAS doing over 40 then, and took the hit. However, I was definitely NOT speeding the second time - I was aware of the van and definitely braked to slow down on the return journey. I have been given my court date, 24 August.

I have only just discovered your site, and so am a bit late for the NIP juggling, but any advice would be welcome.

By the way, the van was 0.2 of a mile away from the end of the speed limit zone, and so must have been using a telephoto lens. I can only assume that the foreshortening effect of a long lens made me look closer to the marker posts than I actually was. Either that, or the chap operating the camera was just being vindictive for me going past him at speed.

Any ideas?


Can you scan in tjhe summons, remove the personal details and post the resulting images please

Have scanned it - but how do I get it in the reply?

Kindest regards
how do I get it in the reply?
instructions here.

Request the photos as you may just find that when he targeted you, you can see the 40 speed signs thus you were not in the 40 zone. If you are going to court with this then request all evidence and the video but get the photo letter off first and separately. Regards Peter

Just had my day in court - used all the advice from the forum and......


The police failed to provide the evidence, and the CPS stated that "it was not in the public interest..." etc. Hence, the magistrate found me NG!

Thanks for all your help. I was determined to defend myself but had little clue as to the process, your site helped a great deal. If you're determined, it is possible to fight and win.

Well done mate. smile.gif The sooner the practice of reducing limits and planting speed cameras becomes illegal, the better!
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