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Full Version: Guilty as charged - What can I expect?
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Received my first ever NIP after 37 years. Reportedly doing 93mph on the M74. sad.gif

If I don't argue the case, what might I expect? A Fixed Notice Penalty or a possible disqualification? I know that I could expect a disqualification for going over the ton.

If it could mean a disqualification then I might argue the case as I had been "toddling" along in the middle lane around 80mph behind another vehicle when he suddenly pulled into the inside lane and started braking. This caused a slower vehicle in the inside lane to pull out. Instead of braking, I gunned it into the outside lane as there was a car behind me in the centre lane. This was on a downhill stretch, so getting to 93 mph was effortless. This was caused by other drivers reaction to recognising that the "SAFETY" car on the bridge was a speed trap. So much for safety!!

My first conviction after years of getting away with it - but only if it is safe - never had an accident either - or caused one!
That argument would only work as mitigating circumstances. Speeding is an absolute offence, that means any speed over the posted limit.

If you want to stand up for yourself, there's plenty of info on this forum, it's a long haul, but the best advice is DIY. Don't spend any money on a brief for the trial it's a waste of money.
Thanks for that. Yes, I was speeding but under 80mph is definitely better than the 93mph.

I don't intend giving any money to a brief. I can learn the "law" AND understand the situation. They "know" the law and don't care as long as they get their money.
Kanebill said:

They "know" the law and don't care as long as they get their money.

Looks like you've already learned the first basic principle of speed camera enforcement! smile.gif so learning the law shouldn't be difficult for you.

Suggest you wait until next Tuesday (March 16), when an important test case (Francis -v- CC Hampshire) may reveal whether returning the NIP unsigned should be your main strategy.

The cheapest and easiest solution is always to pay up and shut up (what they want you to do), but if disqualification looms, or, like many of us, you refuse on principle to give in to the b*****ds, then following advice here may be your best option. Just be clear that it's not without risk, effort and cost in both financial and stress terms.
jimmy ferrari
This link shows the points and fine you could expect, it looks like your just below the banning limit, but as already said, do your research and you may still have your clean licence :!: good luck.
Thanks for your replies. If I get a FPN, then I shall accept - BUT, I will wait to see what happens on the 16th before replying. icon_twisted.gif
Kanebill said

If I get a FPN, then I shall accept

What ever happned to principal? This is a fight back forum.

For goodness sake don't roll over. This is how complacent civilizations become first corrupt, then slowly remove democracy and freedom.


Absolutely right my friend. I will rollover, albeit as slowlyas I can . The main reason is that I am already caught up in two, possibly three, legal fights at the moment.

Life is becoming a struggle for everyone. Why don't they just admit it -raise taxes - and leave us alone to live our own lives.

After the legal mess gets sorted, I am seriously thinking of legging it elsewhere 8) so points on my licence may not even be an issue.

My condolences to the Spanish people and others similarly affected, but sometimes you think you could forgive the terrorist b******s if they targeted politicians.
Be aware that thresholds for Scottish roads are lower than for England.
i.e easier to get banned in scotland than it is in england.
Was this Strathclyde or Dumfries and Galloway?

QUOTE (immy)
Be aware that thresholds for Scottish roads are lower than for England.
i.e easier to get banned in scotland than it is in england.

Do you know what the guidance is in Scotland?
Dumfries and Galloway. I have not yet found out their scales.
For info got £60 and 3 points
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