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Taking it pretty easy heading south on the a7 selkirk to hawick road I seen a traffic police car ahead at a junction. I checked my speed and passed him at the national speed limit.

Few miles down the road I seen the police car flying up behind me. I was doing 50 - 55 at this point waiting for a chance to pass the slower car in front.

Police car puts on its lights and I pulled in at parking bay 200m up the road.

I was invited into the car and stood on the officer hat which was on the footwell of rear seat. I was given "NOTICE OF CONDITIONAL FIXED PENALTY" and told I was timed between 2 markers on the road with an average speed of 75mph.

Checking my ticket now it has my reg plate incorrect - it is missing a letter at the end.

Do I just pay the ticket or is any other options available?

I would be grateful of any advice.
The Rookie
The lack of the digit in the reg number doesn't help you. You need to explain a bit more about what happened while you were stopped, did you show any ID for example.

What type of road was it (single or dual or mway - and was it definately national limit?) and what speed do you THINK you were doing?

After catching up with me they followed me without there lights on for few minutes. Then put them on and i signaled i'd seen them.

I stopped the bike in a parking layby with the police car beside me. Took off helmet and gloves while they sat in the car.

Then i approached them and the officer put his window down and asked me to get in the back seat. He streched back and opened door.

Then moved his seat forward as I got in.

The passanger told me they had recorded my speed over 2 white square markers painted on the road and my average speed was 75mph and started writing a ticket straight away so I just kept quiet and answered his questions - name, address, etc

Asked for drivers licence which I did not have but have had no instruction or form HO/RT1 to hand it in.

Then told me to pay within 28 days and basically said they are cracking down on bikers.

It was the a7 trunk road edinburgh to carlisle and it was the national speed limit. Dry sunny day - hardly any other cars on the road and I was already taking it very easy as there is always police around and I had been flashed off several moterists. Guessing speed would be 65 - 70

I was unaware they had the equipment to take my average speed. (Fancy stop watch)

Similar case to me not so long back got pulled over was doing 51 in a 40, anyway the policeman that issued the FPN wrote my registration down wrong. I left it till i got a final reminder about the fine and then sent a nice letter explaining i wasnt the RK of the vehicle in question stated on the FPN. About 2 months later recieved a response saying the notice would be 'excused on this occasion' more like they have no choice!

Hope this helps

Did you give them your name and address?
Yeah, they noted it down on the top copy of the FP.
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