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Full Version: SP 30 case heard in abscence
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I recieved a fixed penalty ticket from an officer with a hand held radar, it was in 40's in a 30 limit.
The officer said "I will be reported for consideration of the question of prosecuting me" Is this the same thing as the NIP?

I submitted documents at local staion, and nothing was sent to me for three months. I moved address shortly after the ticket, and assumed that I wasnt being prosecuted.

I have just heard that the case had been tried in my abscence and I have been awarded 5 points and quite a large fine.

I understand it should be 3 points for this offence, but the main question is, is this prosecution valid if I didnt recieve the summons?
you need to speak to a lawyer to have the case set aside for retrial

from what you say your ECHR rights have been abused
Art 5 and 6

Did you tell the DVLA you had moved ? You need to speak the court ans say youdid not recive anything, a solictor may help.
The points will depend on the speed. How did you find out about it ?

Hi Crystal, yes I informed the DVLA, the license has had my new address on it since March. I only found out by chance. The letter from the court said my driving licence will be sent to me from DVLA so Im expecting at my new address.

Hi Dominic, do you have a link to ECHR articles 4+5?
How fast did they say you whers traveling. It make a difference and you only say 40's. Regards Peter
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