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Full Version: Saba Parking/ZZPS Debt Collectors
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Hello! Hoping someone can offer advice. Disclaimer: I have read extensively through the forums and haven't found an identical case, hence posting this here. I understand the basics, just looking for best strategy in my situation.

So, 4 x dates in July, someone else was using my car, didn't pay for parking as we had a miscommunication in which we both thought the other had paid for it. Received the 4 Penalty Charge Notices (£60 each) from Saba Parking. I sent an appeal for all 4 citing that I was not the driver on the vehicle on the day, not willing to disclose the information of the driver, blah blah blah.

They responded with a rejection to the appeal and instruction to pay the fine. At this point I was actually going to pay it (£240 total), but went online and they had raised it to £400 (£100 each) despite it being locked in the appeal process! I sent them another letter explaining my intentions and requesting they reduce the amount back to £60 each.

They seemed to totally ignore this correspondence and I have just received a letter from ZZPS Debt Collection, which seems to be in the exact same format as the original letter (do Saba own ZZPS?!), same address, etc. They are now requesting £170 each (£680 total) and threatening "potential" court action.

I'm thinking about trying to appeal again and pay the original £60 fines, but also in the mind of ignoring them. Main issue is I don't want to have my credit score impacted at all, but am I right in thinking that I will receive an LBCCC before this and will have the chance to avoid that course of action?

Thanks so much in advance, apologies if I've missed anything out!!
It's not a fine, it's an invoice. Is this a railway car park?

Debt collectors can be ignored.

Post up a redacted copy of the notice you received

If it gets to court and you lose then it will not be recorded against you if you pay within a month
What happens with these, is that the original ticket will be a Penalty Charge, liable for prosecution in a Magistrates Court. There is a six month time limit on prosecutions, so the idea is to engage in letter ping pong asking which particular byelaw the driver is alleged to have breached (not paying, I guess), or asking how they can possibly transfer liability to the Owner/Keeper, and so on.

The 'fine' is actually an offer to avoid prosecution, and therefore you are quite within your rights to decline this offer.

After six months, what will happen is that you'll receive various chasers from debt collectors/pretend solicitors, but now they will have changed the name of the ticket to a Parking Charge Notice and try to convince them that you owe them a civil debt. At this point, some interesting complaints can be raised against them.

There are dozens of threads virtually identical to your circumstances, and all describing the scenario that I've described above.

Put 'SABA' or 'INDIGO' into the search box at the upper right of the page.
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