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Full Version: Urgent advise needed for a newbie
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I need some urgent advise I travel 40000 a year and it has become impossible over the last 3 years to avoid speeding tickets with the numerous new camera's and the variable speed limits. I do not use excess speed in fact it annoys me However I do have 3 points from 2 years ago on a dual carrageway when I was doing 47 in what I thought was a 50 and was actually a 40 (poor signage) and then in december 05 I was on the M6 doing 67 and I was snapped because there was a locally inforced 50 (again I knew nothing about) so I got another 3 (6 points in total)

I have now had the misfortune of coming out of a 40 into a 30 in the North wales and as I passed the sign slowing down I went round a bend and a mobile camera snapped me at 37 ( I didnt slow down quick enough). So even though as rule of thumb I could end up with 9 points.

However I have spoke to a specialist Motoring solicitor who have informed me that as long as I do not reply to the NIP and the reminder (which arrived yesterday) they will attend court on my behalf and can almost certain they would win (have said have not lost yet). It is I beleive something to do with the rule 172. This of course to me sounds great the But is that this is quite an expensive process and although I have been informed that when they win they will get most if not all cost back understandably I am worried that I could pay out a lot of money and still lose and then have fee's 9 points and a fine.

Does anyone know anything about this and can you please give me some advise ASAP as I need to decide my course of action by Monday.

Thank you in advance
QUOTE (bl2006 @ Fri, 28 Jul 2006 - 10:21) *
Does anyone know anything about this and can you please give me some advise ASAP as I need to decide my course of action by Monday.

We think we know how they do it and it does work.

The only point of caution is that someone posted on here a few months ago that all S 172 subsection 2.(b) prosecutions (someone other than the keeper) in Wiltshire have been put on hold. This could mean that the Crown is in the process of appealing a case to the High Court.

Thank you so you have heard of this before and it does work the solicitor did mention that some areas vary but the paticular area I was in they have had a great deal of joy so far.

Is this some kind of loop hole

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me if they know what my solicitor is recomending (listed on original post) is in fact a loop hole and also it would be great to know if anyone knows someone who has done the same thing and had success or not.

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