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Full Version: Speeding ticket
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Got a speeding ticket which was comitted on the 17th july for a alleged offence of excess speed 30 mph (portable camera ) recorded speed 40 mph.
Have always thought this was a 40 mph section, but hey I could be wrong but on returning to the scene we have found a 40 mph sign which has fallen down the post, and has been covered by grass. the council has come along and cut the grass and the sign is now visble all be it low down on the post. i have been back and took some pictures tonite can anybody with any knowledge of law tell me if I have a good case of getting off this speeding ticket. surely if their is a 40mph sign its got to be 40mph.
The signs don't make the speed limit, a traffic order does. You might want to check to see if there is any speed limit traffic order on that part of the road and if so what the limit is. If it turns out to be 40 then you can't be found guilty of exceding 30!

Whatever the actual speed limit on the road, if the 40 limit sign can be seen while driving on the road from the direction you were travelling then it's only fair you assumed it was a 40 limit.
The Rookie
If the signs are not as per the directive (known as the TRSGD which you will find with a search on here) then they cannot (read should not) be enforced, having a 40 sign in the middle of a 30 limit is not to the directive, so you should be found not guilty, likewise it may be that were you were caught is a 40 but the council havn't posted it correctly and the local scammers have jumped to conslusions! Your local council's road orders are the place to go for that. Does the road have street lighting (less than 183m - 200yards apart)?

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