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Hello all,

First of all I must congratulate you on an excellent and helpful forum. Now to business. I have just received a NtO stating "a Penalty Charge Notice was issued...."

Below is my proposed "Representation" letter. Do you think I am being reasonable? Any opinions/comments on my case and my words would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for any comments.


Dear Sir/Madam

I was surprised and considerably upset to receive the above "Notice to Owner" today. I would hope that BCC and its employees administering “decriminalised” parking regulation under the Road Traffic Act 1991 would be aware of the attached Adjudication of 1st November 2005; Case No. 2050307012, “Lamina v Transport for London.”

The Parking Attendant concerned with the alleged contravention and PCN No. BMXXXXXX failed to serve the aforementioned PCN. He made no attempt to attach any PCN to the vehicle PZZZZZN, nor did he attempt to hand the driver of said vehicle any PCN. I would expect that he noted at the time that the said vehicle had been driven away without the PCN being served (known as a “driveaway” I believe).

My receiving this NtO implies that the Parking Attendant and/or other BCC employees have falsely claimed that PCN No. BMXXXXXX was properly served. I consider this to be a serious and possibly illegal act. You will note that I have returned a photocopied facsimile of the original NtO, as I wish to retain the original as evidence.

I look forward to not receiving a Notice of Rejection.

Yours faithfully

Rachael Fearnhead
looks good - one comment -it always helps to ask that they give reasons
for their rejection of each of your points - they are required to
but often dont if you dont ask

it then helps further reps as you know what to rebutt

also best to remove personal detials from the internet

let us know how you get on

Just out of curiosity further down the NYO it says If by the ??/??/???? you have failed to pay or make representations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What date have they put where I've put the question marks?
Thanks Dominic, I realised what I had done as I drove home from work - fixed my post when I got in! Thanks for your feedback, I will make some changes to tie them down.

DW, the "respond by" date is 23/08/2006, which is 30 days, so they seem to have worked out they have to allow for the Royal Mail, again suggesting they do keep abreast of Adjudications.

Cheers R
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