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Mr Star
My ex has passed me across a parking ticket from Smart Parking who has also passed the details onto DRP. I had initially told her to ignore them as I didn't think they were legally enforceable but I am wrong on this it seems.

They dont have my name and she hasnt done a thing about the tickets yet.

What is the best way to deal with the debt recovery letter? I am still on good ish terms with my ex so I don't think she would pass my details on.

Also the parking was off a main street. As far as I am aware it isn't a car park. It had a few spaces and some flats were at the front of it.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Sheffield Dave
Are you the registered keeper? Is the NtK in your name?
Mr Star
QUOTE (Sheffield Dave @ Mon, 19 Aug 2019 - 21:07) *
Are you the registered keeper? Is the NtK in your name?

I am not the registered keeper. The NtK isn't in my name either. Also the offence was in England.
More information needed.

Copy of the PPN would help, leave dates
Date of incident
,date of notice
Date received
Remove personal information.
Do not identify who drove on here.
Was there a windscreen ticket?
Sheffield Dave
So your ex is the RK, and the NtK was addressed to her?
Smart are often beatable so please provide answers to the questions asked. It's like pulling teeth.

You ignore any letters from debt recovery companies

It's not an offence, it's an invoice for an alleged breach of contract
As this is long past the deadline for any appeal, I would ignore the letters (but file them)

Smart almost never takes legal action and DRP can't
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