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Full Version: Pace Sent ( Confused Reply)
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After recieving a NIP, ( alleged offence 06.06.06.) spooky,I know, I sent off a PACE form,registered,I have now recieved a reply from the Centra Ticket Office here are the contents of the letter from them.

"We note from our records thet there has been no response to the Notice of Intended Prosecution,which requested the driver details.In the circumstances we are writing to advise you that papers are now in process of being submitted to the Prosecution Unit,and you will recieve a summons in due course.
However, in the circumstances we enclose a copy of the photographic evidence herewith that may or may not assist in identifying the drive.In accordance with the Data Protection Act,elements of the image may be obscured.
If you are able to confirm the driver details,please complete the reverse of this letter and contact this office on the above telephone number in order for court proceedings to be discontinued."

The images they have sent was printed on 24/07/06.......has this alleged offence "timed out?"
My SECOND PACE respose was sent to out on 19/07/06( registered )

Why do you think it has timed out ?

Can you complete the NIP wizard and post all the output back here.

It is normal to get futher communication after PACE (see HERE

I would not advise phoning them do all communication by "signed for" post.
When you have done the wizard you may get further comments.

Just noticed that a NIP will not "time out" for 6 months............must put glasses on biggrin.gif
Hello All ,thank you for reading this and any help you can throw my way.I recieved a NIP and replied according to the PACE instructions, today I recieved another letter from Northamptonshire Central ticket Office in which they state they did not recieve my reply and tthey have included another Nip with instructions to reply. Included in the letter was photographs of the " alledged offence" the photograph in question shows the back of a car with no indication of weather a man or woman was driving. the letter also states that I should contact their office by phone in order for them to stop them proceeding to court.I need some help as to my next move please.Thanks for any help on this.Regards
Did you send your PACE letter special delivery? Don't contact the scammers it only causes problems.

Is this thread releated to this THREAD ?

please try to keep to one case one thread and the information I asked for in the other thread is still required to provide much meaningful input.

The choice really is yours. when you do PACE the ones who are a little more savvy will attempt to bluff you into paying the fine and not causing any more trouble. The fate of PACE as a process as yet has not been decided and is due to go before the European Courts in September (search for strasbourg and you will see) and therefore what to do with it from the police has not been set in stone.

Therefore they generally respond in the following ways:
1. Ignore it and send COFP and pretend you have completed their form in the way they requested.
2. Threats along the lines of what you have got (however they CAN take you to court and you have to argue in court so you need to be aware of that - PACE is not a get out of jail free. The PACE statement just says you do not wish to self incriminate - without which with a rear shot of the car they will have difficulty in prosecuting you as the driver.......but that is a fortunate outcome rather than the original intention.
3. Bluff and bluster and then you here nothing - you won't know which one yours is until you go passed the 6 months plus 28 days from the date of the offence.
4. you never hear from then again and they simply go away.

Like I said at the start it is up to you what you do ignore them , risk going to court, risk having to argue the right not to self incrimate (of course this may be decided for them by the EU by the time they do this)

or roll over and pay up we cannot advise you on what you should do only on what the options are and what we would do.

What would I do - ignore them let them bluff and see what happens. The fact they are being accomodating in my humble opinion would mean that they are reaching........or else they would just prosecute. They don't do things out of the goodness of their own hearts.
Yes,it is sorry,I'm not used to Forums and I'm having to feel my way around.I placed this letter and then could not find it again so I started another one....will try to stick to the rules.Sorry.
Hello All,
Here is an up-date of the NIP/PACE situation,recieved NIP,sent my PACE off (registered of course,police wrote to me,sending another NIP claiming their records showed there had not been a response for the first one and they just "happened" to have photographs of the "alleged" car involved in the dastardly crime,which they sent to me with the second NIP,I did not even get round to asking them for it ! How very effecient,however I have again this week recieved ANOTHER letter from them warning me of the hard road I could travel, quote :-
"You have admitted you were the driver of vehicle registration number ------ at the time of the alleeged offence of exceeding 30mph (LTI 20:20 Camera Device)********.The vehicle was detected travelling at a speed of of 35mph at 13:57 hours on Tuesday,06 June 2006,along B526 NEWPORT PAGNELL ROAD,HORTON.This offence carries a maximum penalty of £1000 and 3-6 points.

Northamptonshire Police are committed to road safety and the education of drivers and to thet end we are offering you the options below.You have 28 days from the date of this notice to choose any of the options as laid out,etc....

1. If it is your wish to contest this allegation in court you may do so by notifying the Central Ticket Office.
2. If you do not wish to contest the matter then it may be possible to deal with it by a fixed penalty of £60 and the endorsement of three penalty points,ect....
3. However,on this occasion we offer you an alternative option of attending a Speed Workshop which may be benificial to you.On satisfactory completion of the Speed Workshop,the Notice of Intended Prosecution will be withdrawn.
The Speed Workshop lasts three hours,will cost £60 and your licence will not be endorsed,ect...."
They STILL have not acknowleged that they have recieved my PACE.
Is this a result ? biggrin.gif
If they haven't received your PACE how do they know you were driving?

The easy way out is the workshop and no points so in a way that is a result.
Number 3 is. biggrin.gif

I would take the course and save the fight for another day. (I would call it a draw)

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