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Visited a Toby Carvery on 17/7, parked in a disabled bay with blue badge displayed.

The restaurant has a keypad to enter number plate inside the restaurant - as I’m in a wheelchair with sight impairment and my wife is blind a member of staff entered the details.

Notice to Keeper received asking for £50, £85 after 28 days.

The machine doesn’t confirm registration number entered, and is difficult to access from a wheelchair when I do so myself (reasonable adjustment under Equal Act?).

We’ve attended many times with no issues before, I can only surmise the staff member entered the reg incorrectly. Car park is ANPR controlled and visit was breakfast time.

Is the driver liable/have to pay?

Many thanks.
QUOTE (Xde @ Fri, 9 Aug 2019 - 16:06) *
Am I liable/have to pay?

No! Do not pay.

Get onto Toby ASAP - make sure you mention reasonable adjustments etc. under the Equality Act.

They'll either assist (which they should!) or make random excuses about not having anything the power the cancel tickets ('lie').

QUOTE (Xde @ Fri, 9 Aug 2019 - 16:06) *
Visited a Toby Carvery on 17/7, parked in a disabled bay with blue badge displayed.

The ANPR will know nothing about the badge.

When did the charge arrive? Does it mention 'keeper liability'?
It’s a hire car. I will check the agreement when I arrive home. Am I best ringing the restaurant or going in to see the manager?

Going in would likely be best.

As a hire car there are very specific hurdles they have to jump for keeper liability. It’s unlikely they’ve met them but try Toby’s first...
Edit your post so that the identity of the driver cannot be inferred. Use "the driver........" etc.

As it is a hire car then with the notice to keeper / hirer did you also receive a copy of the hire agreement and a copy of the original PCN to the hire company?

If not they have not complied with POFA and they can only hold the unknown driver liable

Still have a go at Toby. It looks as though there employee made a mistake. Is there a zero in the number plate?
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