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Full Version: Historic MS90, split from partner, maiol withheld.
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I am writing on here on behalf of an employee.
I received a speeding NIP for the vehicle he was driving and duly passed on his details. I told him to speak to the Police issuing the fine and he found out he was eligible to take a speed awareness course to 'avoid' the points.
In the meantime he was waiting for the NIP to arrive at his 'then' home to name himself as the driver.
He then split from his partner less than amicably and as a result she would not pass on any mail at the same time as he found himself homeless, he was couch surfing for a few weeks though has recently found himself a permanent address. Under my advice he again spoke to the Police and was advised to send an email giving details of everything, which he did.
At that point my involvement ended, until a driving licence check this week and find he has an MS90 from the middle of March.
Can he still make a statutory declaration at court? He admits he was driving and was eligible for a speed awareness course.
Will he need to get a solicitor involved due to the time that has passed?
Many thanks for your help
QUOTE (Golidog @ Tue, 23 Jul 2019 - 08:55) *
Can he still make a statutory declaration at court?


Doesn't need a solicitor. It may be possible to 'plea bargain' to take the speeding offence but the course is long gone.
Thank you for your reply. can he make the declaration at any court or just the issuing court? If the issuing court how does he get the full details?
It's best to use the court that convicted if possible.

Upon completion of the SD they will ask for a plea. Some courts are better than others and may provide information and even provide assistance for a plea bargain. If not, a not guilty plea to the charge(s) will give to time to decide how to progress. (There will not be time for a trial)
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