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Morning all!

I was just thinking if anyone can help me to appeal the ticket for parking in lot without a permit! Apparently, my friend came to drop some food in one of the late evenings where I live. I understand it is a council parking area managed by a private company. They only issue one permit per household. Unaware of the permits required, he just dropped off the food at mine and was surprised to find a ticket after half an hour's time. I really feel sorry about the whole issue.

There are signs around the lot but 3/4 of them been redacted with a black paint and hasn't been maintained until today by the concerned company who wishes to issue these tickets.

I have managed to upload the pics of the pcn and the signs displayed from the lot. Please advise.

Hi all!

Is there a possibility to appeal this please?
Yes, read other cases with a windscreen ticket and appeal as the keeper so that it arrives on day 26.

Photos of a non vandalised sign may help
But he must appeal as the keeper and not give any hint that he was driving

Otherwise he will defeat the whole purpose of the Day 26 strategy
This is designed to prevent PCMUK qualifying for the right to recover payment from the keeper if it doesn't know who was driving
This is what I've been advised by other moderators!

Dear PCM,

re PCN xxxxxxxx

I wish to dispute the PCN issued to VRN xxxx xxx at my estate where I live. Your conduct in issuing PCNs and harassing residents and visitors with predatory tactics is blighting the estate and I will complain to the Managing Agent (Housing Association?).

Your signs are atrocious and no contract was formed. The driver will not be named and handed the PCN to me, hence this appeal. The driver was dropping some food at the flat and the case of Jopson v Homeguard, heard at Oxford Court on appeal in 2016, has already established that the likes of parking firms cannot override rights of way and easements.

The right to load/unload is not 'entering into a parking agreement' and the Senior Circuit Judge remarked that 'life in a block of flats would be unworkable' if all deliveries resulted in a parking charge alleging a contract existed in the minutes taken to temporarily unload.

I see you were exposed on Watchdog a while back, for 'making it up' regarding appeals replies. I look forward to your effort this time.

yours faithfully,

Your name
Your postal address at the estate
Hi All!

I received a response from PCM UK asking me to provide a consent from the Driver.

My friend is a registered keeper of the vehicle. I appealed as a resident.

Please advise!

Who sent the appeal - the car's keeper or you as a third party ?

Remove the PCN number from that picture
Parking companies follow this Forum and will use any information they find
Why did you send the appeal in so early ? you had up till the 7th August to send it in.

So you ignore that letter and wait to see what comes next.
QUOTE (ostell @ Fri, 2 Aug 2019 - 10:34) *
Why did you send the appeal in so early ? you had up till the 7th August to send it in.

So you ignore that letter and wait to see what comes next.

Hi Ostell!

Sorry for sending an appeal so early. So you reckon its not time to apply with IAS? I am just curious as will be heading for holiday and might miss the post from them lot.

The reason for delaying sending was to give them less time to get their act together and send a Notice to Keeper within the required time of 56 days or contact the DVLA to get the keeper details. Fail on either of those is a POFA fail and no keeper liability

There will be no appeals to the IAS as it is run by the same people that run the IPC so a successful appeal is very unlikely

So for now sit and wait and see what comes next. As neither the keeper or the driver what claim have they got on you? You, or your friend, are waiting for a NTK to arrive before day 56
Thank you Ostell!

I have only claimed as a resident. Neither the driver nor the keeper has been identified. Keep you all posted once received anything from them.

Thanks all!
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