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Full Version: my reg plate but not my vehicle
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Just got a penalty notice for a driving offence with a car pictured which displays the same reg as mine and the same colour. It is definitely not me. It's in London and I was in the East midlands on the date of the offence. My car has differences ie: dents etc that the other car lacks. Will this be enough to prove it wasn't me? Police aren't interested and the council in question just said contact the police so i'm about to challenge the fine. Any tips?
Was it a driving offence or a parking offence? You mentioned a "penalty notice" and the local council which leads me to believe it might be the latter.
it's a traffic offence. The driver has gone the wrong way, between 2 traffic lights at a junction. It's been caught on council's camera's.
Take pics of your car that show differences. The reg plate is often different in design. Could be a full clone or a near plate with a bit of black tape as often same car models are issued with consecutive plates.

See if you have evidence for presence of your car elsewhere at time.

Which council?
Unfortunately didn't use the car that day it was parked outside my house all day. It's possible neighbours could verify this but no photographic evidence of this. I am going to send pics of differences to challenge but on the pics they have on their website the plate does clearly look like the same letters but mine has a british flag on that this car lacks.
it's Southwark council.
Neil B
Although it seems straightforward, post a draft of your proposed representations here first.

And keep hold of that PCN !
cheers will do that
John U.K.
It would be helpful if you were to post up both sides of the PCN. Redact your name and address, leave everything else in.
Is the PCN based on video evidence? If so the PCN should tell you how to view/obtain it. Do so and post here.
Close examination of the video will help you accumulate a list of all differences between the clone and and your own car.
Persevere with trying to report to police and obtain a crime report number.

Unfortunately didn't use the car that day it was parked outside my house all day

Is your house in Southwark or London?

You should also ask Southwark Council and also TFL if there are any other PCNs against your reg.mark - you might find e.g. Congestion or ULEZ OCNs appearing: soemone driving on false plates is unlikely to be overconcerned about running up offences..
Cheers I'll try and do that shortly. I live in the East midlands in Derbyshire. Thankyou, good point will check if they have anything else on my reg.
John U.K.
Did you try reporting to Derbyshire police or Met?
As offence took place on Met's patch, you should try reporting to them.
Before you do anything post up the PCN and the council photos and video. You can get these online usually. And take photos of your car from the same angles and post them. There are people here that are very good at pointing out differences and you will need to do that
If you report this to your local police and they are amenable, getting them to provide a report of your vehicle's registration being picked up the ANPR network for a couple of days either side of the contravention is always useful. Images of your car to compare to a traffic camera still is rarely conclusive but the lack of any ANPR hits on the M1 should be sufficient to clear you.
having trouble uploading the files.
Put pics on or such like.
John U.K.
Any developments?
And when you draft your reps do not use the phrase 'it's not me', because 'me' is not the issue, use the phrase 'not my car'.

And what would the average motorist do when faced with evidence which in their mind provides proof that someone is using their registration number on a similar vehicle? The answer is not just to worry about the penalty charge.

Notifying IN WRITING all or most of the following:
Insurance company;

The ramifications of what you say is the case go far, far beyond a single PCN, so get notifying and documenting. Send copies of the front page of the PCN with each letter/email.

As regards the police, the matter is criminal - and downplay the penalty otherwise you'll get the brush-off, focus on the criminal activity which has come to your attention.

As regards insurance and DVLA, you could also include your letter to the police and modify your covering letter accordingly.
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