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hi hope someone can help and advise me i was caught speeding on the 16th of january this year doing 36 in a 30 zone i recieved the first letter off them asking me to confirm i was the driver(it was a company vehicle)
it didnt ask me for my licence or 60 pounds at the time,i sent this back and heard no more until yesterday 18th july 06 i recieved a court summons for the offence this is dated 5th of july 2006 the date of the first letter of them was dated 1st of febuary 2006 ,and two other letters they say they sent me dated 22nd of febuary and 29th of march i never recieved either of those, is this summons outside the 6 months prosicution they are allowed.?????????,the other question i wanted to ask i allready have 6 points can the court impose more than 3 points or do they usually just hit you with the 3, if i get 6 ive lost my job as i drive for a living.its from northampton shire police and at the bottom of the summons its got my name and a code rr84213 speeding exceed 30 mph local order manned equip,contrary to section 84 and 89 (1) of the road traffic regulation act 1984 and schedule 2 to the road traffic offenders act 1988.they have also included the photo of the offence you can clearly see the vehicle but couldnt clearly identify me from the photo ,i am really worried about getting more than 3 points from the court can anyone put my mind at rest please or could the worse happen and they give me 6.?????????????.thanks for any advice.
thats a looonng sentence.
First take deep breath
then click here and post the answers in your next post.
It's a format of information we can easily work with and help you.
Welcome to the site.

In addition to doing the NIP wizard can you scan and de-personalise the summons and any other correspondence and post that.

The 6 months is from the date of the offence to the laying of papers before the court, not you receiving them. It would appear it is within the 6 months.

It is unlikely you could get more than 3 points.
Did you send the original reply back recorded delivery ? and do you have the receipt.

In order to help you we need all the information.

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