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I went to court a few months back for speeding and got a fine and 4 points on my license. When I left, I was told to leave the counterpart of my license (that paper bit) with the court and they would endorse it with the 4 points and post it back to me. Well,. it was posted back in a plain white envelope with no official looking stamps or anything and was not endorsed with any points. My question is, is there any place where the fact that I have 4 points documented other than on my license - i.e. do I have to own up to the 4 points when taking out insurance etc? Can anyone advise.


Almost certainly DVLA will store the points on your licence record (computer record). It could be that the court sent off the notification to the DVLA but then forgot to mark them on your paper license OR it could just be they forgot to do both, in which case you would be lucky.

Easiest way to find out, is to apply for a 'lost' licence and see what comes back. If the DVLA were told then will come back with the offence printed upon it (after all, if it was just a simple case of the courts marking our license and not keeping a record then we would all 'lose' our license and get a clean one back !! biggrin.gif

In respect of telling the insurance company, then irrespective I personally would tell them, after all they now have access to the DVLA information and boy oh boy they would love any excuse not to pay out should you be unlucky enough to be involved in an accident.
the dvla have just screwed iup - you shouldnt be surprised about this
after all we taxpayers only paid billions to some american company
for the crappy computer system

you should definitely tell your insurance company - insurance contracts
are uberrimae fide - utmost good faith and a srict duty to disclose
any material which could affect -although this principle has been weakened somewhat for consumer contracts it still stands

a few points hoepfully wont make a big difference
Thanks for your responses, helps a lot cause I really wasnt sure what to do.

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