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I recently received a letter in the post for parking without a permit with photos of my car. It also states that a notice to driver was affixed to the vehicle.
There was no notice on my car which is backed up by their photos.
Is that enough to win an appeal?
Any advice?
Post up the notice and a photo of the signs. Readcat identifying information but leave dates
Don’t have a photo of the signs and it’s unreadable in their photo. It reads disabled and permit holders only private land. There are several signs.
There was no ticket left on the car which you can see in their pictures. There is a disabled badge on my windscreen which is visible but unreadable.
The time stamp on the photos are 15:29 and yet the letter states that the ticket was affixed to the vehicle at 19:13:35.
It’s is a private car Park for my flats which is practically unused as permits are unobtainable. CPP recently began managing the car Park, it was unmanaged and free to park in for the last 5 or 6 years. This suggests that there has been no financial cost to them as a result of my car being parked on the land.
Several neighbours have had tickets, I think all have ignored.

Also the date of event was 06/04/2019 and yet the letter was not issued until 07/05/2019. Do they not have to provide the notice within 14 days of the event.

I’m going to appeal and request a POPLA code if they reject my appeal.
Would the above information be enough to win the appeal or would I need to go the POPLA route?
As you have their own evidence that there was no ticket on the windscreen then, yes, the NTK should have arrived within 14 days.

What does your lease say about parking?
Don’t think it’s mentioned in the lease. The building is 10 years old I’ve been here throughout.
The car Park was originally intended for use by the tenants of the ground floor commercial spaces.
These were never filled and eventually a few years ago converted to ground floor flats.
The car Park is gated, operated by remotes. These gates were broken several years ago and remained that way until a couple of weeks ago. New mechanisms have been fitted but the gates are fixed open unable to close.

I’ve spoken to the housing trust that manage the building about the issue and requested permission but they refused to grant access despite it being unused.
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