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Full Version: NIP received after prosecution date?!
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Notts Van Driver
Quite a lot of info so I'll summarise:

  • Received a speeding fine on Wednesday (17/04/2019) from Merseyside Police claiming I was driving work van at 37 in 30 zone
  • Checked the website, they've got photographic proof that the vehicle was over the limit, calibration certificate valid, no photo of driver, just 2 images of the vehicle from behind
  • Website says alleged offence took place on 13/03/2019 and NIP issued to registered keeper on 18/03/2019
  • I work for a job agency, the van belongs to one of the job agency's clients I was at that day
  • Checked what I was doing that day. I was in Merseyside so turns out I was driving and probably was over the limit
  • Tried to pay the £100 fine and take the 3 points since the awareness course costs the same amount and I've got no previous points in 14 years of driving
  • It wouldn't let me pay online nor over the 24 hour phone line. It was only then that I twigged that the prosecution date was on Sunday, I didn't receive this until Wednesday
  • Delay in receiving the letter will have been due to my employer's client getting back to them with driver info
  • Address on the letter is incorrect which probably delayed it even further. Name and street are correct, but the house number is wrong. Probably only received it because the postman twigged it was for me.

What can I do? I wanted to just take the 3 points and pay the £100 fine to get it over with, but due to circumstances beyond my control, the prosecution date had already passed by the time I received it. I'm worried about the £1000 fine and 6 point penalty because the NIP date has passed and being unable to drive will put me out of a job since I'm a van driver (it's all I do).

Any help or advice much appreciated.
QUOTE (Notts Van Driver @ Fri, 19 Apr 2019 - 19:17) *
Received a speeding fine on Wednesday (17/04/2019)

No you didn't.

You received a request to name the driver. Return the driver nomination form and then they will send you details on how to take a course or pay the fixed penalty offer.

I very much doubt there's a prosecution, yet.
QUOTE (Notts Van Driver @ Fri, 19 Apr 2019 - 19:17) *
claiming I was driving work van at 37 in 30 zone

It doesn't say that, either.

We have no idea what this "prosecution date" that you keep babbling on about is. What is the issue date of your NIP? Does it include a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty?
I'm guessing that the letter you have is asking you to provide the driver's details. You have 28 days to do that and the £1,000 fine and six points mentioned is the potential penalty if you fail to do so (and whilst six points is a certainty for that offence, a £1,000 fine is not).

Please read the letter and tell us what it is telling you and asking you for. Better still, post it on here (after redacting personal details).
Notts Van Driver
Thanks for your quick response guys. I've attached the letter minus my private details as requested.

Hope this can be sorted!
It's an S172 request for the driver's details

It says at the bottom that you can't pay anything

When the police know who was driving, they'll know who to send the Fixed Penalty offer to
Notts Van Driver
Thanks for the reply!
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