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Full Version: PCN code 01 while parked on pavement and loading
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Dear All,

Can you help with this recent parking fine? I was moving my daughter from her flat in the middle of Manchester last weekend and parked on the pavement outside the flats. It was a very wide pavement and on a very quiet back road and there is no public parking anywhere near the flat to enable loading and unloading. I place a note in the window with my mobile number displayed stating I was moving out of an apartment in the block of flats.

Unfortunately and annoyingly during the process of moving the first bags we managed to let the flat door close and so locked both the flat keys and car keys within the flat! This meant I had to spend several hours chasing flat maintenance people (who were not available all weekend), trying to find an affordable locksmith but eventually getting an Uber taxi to take me to the work place of the only flat mate that had a key to enable us to get back in!

Anyway, after a painful and expensive couple of hours I finally got back to into the flat and when I took bags down to the car I found I had got ticketed. This was a council PCN code 01 for parking outside prescribed hours. The road has a single yellow line, but I was not actually parked on the road. Do I have any grounds to appeal.

I have attached ticket and can provide photo of ticketed car if it helps?

Any help much appreciated.

When did you get the PCN relative to your movements?
The single yellow line is correct, it is the pavement that is irrelevant

You parked at a single yellow line to load, an allowed activity and an exemption from the restriction. You locked your keys in the flat so could not move the vehicle, so unable to move for reason outside your control. With any exemption the onus of proof moves to you, so tell the council what you have told us, but include evidence of loading. Tenancy agreement either the expiry of the old or the new one or better still both
a copy of the uber booking, witness statements from your daughter and the flatmate all these will help you prove your case
Thanks for the responses.

The PCN was issued while I was trying to get back into the flat, this is before I got the Uber to collect alternative keys.

As said, you tell the story as you have told us and include any evidence you have, UBER receipts, phone records, tenancy agreement.
Council is likely to focus on one or the other exemption and reject as "no evidence of loading" or "Self inflicted breakdown" but if you stick with this, you should win. Likely to be at adjudication though.
That is assuming that the adjudicator finds the story credible. Which if you tell the truth, should do.
OP, you now know what's important and what is not.

I am just looking at this from the perspective of practicality and personal experience.

For example, I would not leave the car unlocked at any time, therefore I would always have the keys on me. So how did you come to leave them in the flat or did you leave the car unlocked? If so, why?

(bearing in mind the car could not have been visible to you from the flat otherwise you would have seen the CEO)

All of these small details would bolster your credibility.

Anyway, you say that your daughter gained access by getting keys from her flat mate. You would then need a statement from them to this effect e.g. on *** I received a phone call from **** with whom I flat share at ***. She had locked herself out. At approx. *** she arrived at my place of work and I lent her my keys. These were subsequently returned when? (IMO, this is an important point).

Just as small points can work to your favour, they can also have the opposite effect.

You cannot trip up an honest person.
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