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Full Version: Query regarding NIP
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Hi All,

Just after a little advice/opinion.
I received an NIP through the post a couple of days ago, I was expecting it as I saw a mobile camera van a few days before, glanced at my speedo, and was travelling faster than I thought. 38 in a 30.
Shizzle, my fault, can't really say a lot.
I have just read through the NIP and noticed that the description of the offence describes the direction of travel as opposite to the direction I was actually travelling. Would this be worth pursuing, or should I just take it on the chin.

Many thanks guys

The direction doesn’t invalidate it - more so you have not been disadvantaged.

It will be the direction they were facing but pinging approaching and receding traffic...
Ah, ok
thanks for clarifying anyway
The Rookie
For clarity, the requirements on what a NIP are directory (that is the statute tells you what it has to say, not how to say it), it only really has to tell you time and place and an alleged offence (it doesn't even have to tell you all they may consider). Any error would only be relevant if you were disadvantaged by it, as you recall the incident and direction of travel clearly you cannot be disadvantaged by it, even if you didn't it would be hard to argue you were disadvantaged.

This is in contrast with council PCN's which very much have to have 'every I dotted and every T crossed' and 100% correct to be enforceable.
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