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Full Version: Ran 3 red lights racing to Hospital
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My mother passed away today. I was rushing to hospital to get there before she died. I deliberately ran 3 red lights. If / when I get the tickets is it even worth me trying to get them wiped by explaining that I was racing to the hospital to see my dying mother. It was 6 a.m. there was no one around and no danger.
The Rookie
My commiserations on your loss.

Were there cameras there? The vast majority of red lights have no cameras, and most camera boxes are empty at any one time, more boxes than cameras to put in them.

It’s possible the Police may be understanding to a greater or lesser degree, let’s see what you get first. If you get a notice, DO NOT reply immediately but make sure you have all the notices you are likely to get first so a strategy can be formulated.

Running a red light to save/protect life could be a defence (or at least classed as Special Reasons Not to Endorse - punish if you like) but your circumstances do not count legally as a defence, but again let’s see what happens first.
What you say is mitigation and not a defence. The best approach in this scenario would be to persuade the police that it is not in the public interest to prosecute, let us know if you get any correspondence about it.
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