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Full Version: Delay in issuing second NIP
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I have received an NIP for speeding which was issued 74 days after the alleged offence. When I queried the delay, I was informed that an initial NIP was issued 5 days after the alleged offence, and sent to the address on the DVLA database (I have recently moved, and not updated the address).

Is it possible to argue that the second NIP is ineffective, because of the length of the delay in issuing it? By my calculations, after realising the initial NIP had failed, they waited 51 days before issuing the second one. The woman who replied to my query went out of her way to assure me that she acted reasonably, presumably to try to persuade me that her actions would pass the reasonable man test.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.
The Rookie
No, the only time requirement in statute is for the initial NIP to the registered keeper at their last known address.

Any subsequent delay is irrelevant.
They wouldn't have "waited" for 51 days - presumably they would have had to spend some time tracking you down, and possibly sending further NIP(s), each of which would have had a 28-day response period.

Anyway, that's irrelevant, there is no time limit apart from that for the first NIP. You must now respond to the s172 naming the driver.
In some ways you are ‘lucky’ to get this chance. Quite often the next step would have been a prosecution and conviction without your attendance. Relatively easy to sort but a right pain (requiring court attendance)

What’s the alleged speed/limit?
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