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Full Version: 46mph in a 30mph
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I have received my first ever NIP. I came out of a 40mp zone, turned right into a 30mph and didn't even realise the speed I was going at. I'm so annoyed at myself.

It says on the letter if I get it back within 28 days I could be eligible for a speed awareness course in stead of points/fine? How likely am I to get offered this? This is West Midlands police.

Thank you
The cut-off point for a course in a 30 limit is normally 42.
Indeed, it will be a fixed penalty offer - 3 points £100.
Thanks for the replies. Will update and see what happens. How long does it normally take for them to respond once I send the NIP back?
The Rookie
Within 2 weeks is normal, but out to 4 weeks not unknown.
Thought I would update!

I got an offer of 3 points and £100.

Thanks for all the replies, it was appreciated!
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