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Full Version: N if I P & additional letter closing matter
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I’ve just received a Notice of I ntended prosecution for exceeding the speed limit 38 mph (it doesn’t actually state what the speed limit was/is) this is dated 11/03
However in the a different envelope I’ve also received a letter on police headed paper dated 13/03 stating that they note comments in my recent letter and following enquiries they wish to inform me that no further correspondence will be sent and that the matter is now closed. Both sets of correspondence refer to the same notice number

Thing is I haven’t written to them?! Any advice appreciated as am confused to how to move forward

The Slithy Tove
Seems like you still have an NIP which must be responded to. The letter doesn't really say anything that would change it.

I would suggest calling them tomorrow, and appear confused. Maybe they will clarify what's what.
Thanks for reply / advice - have called them and acted dumb only to be advised that the notice of intended prosecution has been cancelled - still confused but happy to accept
The Rookie
It sounds to me like someone has raised an issue and they've cancelled all NIPs generated in that session using a proforma letter that isn't quite appropriate.
Perhaps it was a 40mph limit after all...
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