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Full Version: God Damn GATSO's
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Got a NIP through from Lothian and Borders.

1. The name of the Constabulary: Lothian & Borders
2. Date of the offence: Early June.
3. Date of the NIP: Lease company received NIP within 2 days, I received mines 2ND CLASS by the 12th (that was quick!)
4. Date you received the NIP: 14-06-06
5. Location of offence: M8-M9 Interchange Link Road, Newbridge Edinburgh, you know as you come of the 4th Road Bridge heading for the M8 the sneaky one just under the motorway bridge.
6. Was the NIP addressed to you?: Yes.
7. Was the NIP sent by first class post, second class or recorded delivery?: 2nd.
8. Are you the Registered Keeper of the vehicle concerned (is your name and address on the V5/V5C)? If not then what is your relationship with the vehicle?: No, Leased.
9. How many current points do you have? : 3, maybe more (eeeek!)
10. Provide a description of events (if you know what happened) telling us as much about the incident as possible - some things that may seem trivial to you may be important, so don't leave anything out. Please do not post personal details for obvious reasons.: See Below.

I was driving towards the M8 after crossing the 4th road bridge. I was doing 63mph as I passed a speed camera at 23.13. It flashed me. I went back and retraced my route. The terminal signs indicating a 50mph limit were not both lit. I went into Edinburgh, found a 24 hour Tesco, bought a camera and took some photo's. The photo's show that the sign is not lit and a streetlamp is within about 20-30 meteres of it. I saw the camera, but as I assumed I was in a 70 I never bothered to slow down -- flash, flash , ARRRRRGH!

Anyway, I've got a NIP here in front of me, sent 2nd class. What should I do?
Dare I say it but 'welcome back' rolleyes.gif

QUOTE (bigstoop)
What should I do?

Perhaps start by reading this thread, paying particular attention to Firefly's posts might be a good place wink.gif

I don't know if the lack of illumination of the signs will have any effect. Do you have any pics in electronic form you can post?

Otherwise, I would agree that going unsigned seems to be the main option in Scotland.

As you probably know, only the first NIP in the chain has to be posted first class or better.
QUOTE (bigstoop @ Sat, 8 Jul 2006 - 18:07) *
The terminal signs indicating a 50mph limit were not both lit.

If one was lit and the other was not then, from how I understand the TSRGD, that is "bad". (If one is lit then the other must also be reguardless of street lights, time of day, etc. is how I understand it.)
I might be wrong. smile.gif

If not signing the NIP reply works in Scotland then that sounds like a good idea...
The Rookie
If the terminal signs are within 50m of street lights (other than a 30 limit restricted road) then the roadsigns must both be lit, so IMHO the limit is not enforceable, would suggest now you have photo evidence you report the non-illuminated signs (by internet as you will often get a confirmation telling you they have fixed it), would also suggest returning the NIP unsigned just to be on the safe side.

Does this apply on a Motorway? I looked at the TSRGD and it only seems to refer to Principal and Trunk roads.
QUOTE (Bigstoop)
Does this apply on a Motorway? I looked at the TSRGD and it only seems to refer to Principal and Trunk roads.
I am unaware of any motorways that are not either trunk or principal roads. AFAIK, both the M8 & the M9 are trunk roads, although I am unsure about the bit that ducks down under the rounadabout at Newbridge, which is where I assume that you were scammed.
The problem, though, as you will be aware, is evidence. Did you have any witnesses with you?

And by 'not lit', do you mean no fitment at all, or just that the bulbs were dud?
i bought a disposable camera and took pictures. that light and some street lamps were dud. ive got a few pics.
+++++ Timed out, filled out on NIP sent back unsigned and ignored all further correspondence. +++++
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