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Full Version: PCN immediately after parking
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I parked up on a road in Islington directly outside the shop I was going into, I got out and checked the location code for RinGo and walk into the store attempting to pay on the app (I was going to stand outside today giving its snowing!). The payment declined as I had an outdated card on there so I went to add a new one on the app.

Whilst I am adding the new card to the app I see a parking attendant (council) by my car so I walk out and let him I am adding the card to and it would be paid in a matter of second.

He said it was too late he had already written up the ticket and he had observed the car 3 times. Which was a lie. The shop owner walked out and also said I only just arrived but he was taking photos of the car. The shop owner said he would quite happily give a statement to that effect also. He was more annoyed than I was, not just that I had just arrived and was issued a ticket but at the lying by the parking attendant.

I obviously want to appeal this given I had literally just parked up and was issued a ticket.

Any thoughts?
post the PCN and council photos
Was the car within sight, i.e. were you by the shop door?
QUOTE (cp8759 @ Sat, 2 Feb 2019 - 16:28) *
Was the car within sight, i.e. were you by the shop door?

Indeed I was
Before you get het up abot what the CEO did or did not do, let's start with you.

You parked; you left the location; you went into a shop(not standing outside - 'so I walk out'); you attempted to pay and on seeing the CEO continued to attempt to pay the parking charge. You have evidence of your RingGo contacts and attempts to pay I presume.

These facts are not in dispute. So it seems we're now on to why this happened, not what.

If the facts are wrong, pl clarify.

Once the facts are not disputed we could look at presenting the why in the best possible light.
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