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Full Version: Manchester Bus Gate fine, but letters not received due to council error
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Hi all, I received the attached letter on the 25th or 26th Jan, claiming that I had driven through one of the bus gates on Manchester Oxford Street on the 23rd Nov 2018. As you can see, this is marked as a final warning, to be referred to the courts within seven days if I did not pay the increased fine of £90. I'm afraid that I've paid the fine already, as I hadn't been referred to these forums yet for advice, and being a relatively new driver who had never received a notice like this I was completely blindsided by receiving a final notice out of the blue.

I wondered why I hadn't received any letters prior to this, so a couple of days ago I checked the letter again and realised that the address was wrong - they had put number 3 on my street when I lived at 33. I very recently moved and received this letter as a redirection (I paid for the service via Royal Mail), so presumably the only reason I received this particular letter is because of that, and all the others were sent to the wrong address.

So while I've paid the increased fine of £90 already, I have evidence that it was sent to the wrong address (which can only be due to council error, as I was registered at the correct address on the electoral roll and with the DVLA) and the first piece of correspondence that actually reached me is dated the 23rd January, two months exactly after the incident in question, and only through pure luck. I also therefore had no chance of paying the reduced fine. Is it possible to contest the fine based on this, even after paying?

Neil B
And the address on your V5c is?
I'm actually waiting to hear back from the dealership I bought the car from on that, as I can't find the V5C and I'm not sure if it ever got to me, although I do have the V5C/2 to get a replacement. I'll give them a ring on Friday if they haven't emailed me back by then.
OP, I'm afraid that I've paid the fine already is inconsistent with I was completely blindsided by receiving a final notice out of the blue and I wondered why I hadn't received any letters prior to this,

How could you pay something you knew nothing about? Or do you mean that following the letter you did pay? If the latter, then the matter is closed and why you didn't receive notices is no longer an issue.

Pl clarify.
It's the latter, I received the letter, then paid the fine. I didn't receive any letters prior to that one, as they appear to have been sent to the wrong address (as was this one, but I got it thanks to mail redirection), so the first correspondence I had was dated two months after the date of the alleged offence and I never had any chance to pay the reduced fine before it was increased to £90.

There may be nothing that can be done in this instance, but it's best to ask.
Whilst this issue is closed, you need to sort out your V5C for the future.

The address on the V5C at the tine of the contravention is the only address a council will use.
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