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Full Version: Am I meant to know what a BUS GATE is
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Got caught in a bus lane. Missed the sign (Condition Dark and Unlit)

Lots of signs saying "BUS GATE" and times.

Never heard of BUS GATE before - should I have known what this term is - is it in the Highway Code for example ?

Piccies attaches - not signage overload and inability to see road markings

Answering the opening question.
Yes, all drivers are expected to be familiar with any standard sign or term
And yes, in the Highway Code (signs giving orders and scroll down)

Yellow signs in your pictures have no statutory meaning but do give pre-warning.
Second pic with the directional sign is also a pre-warning.
Third pic is the relevant one, seems like a very clearly placed restriction sign.

Post up the PCN please and a location, let's see what we have to work with.
Thanks V much.

Have attached the PCN. I don't recall seeing the Blue sign until last minute but there was an ambulance/bus type vehicle in front as shown on the PCN photo

btw, I didn't see the Bus Gate sign in the Highway code link you advised, unless I missed it. The trams only sign is there though. The term "BUS GATE" meant nothing to me at the time. Just wondering if it explained in the highway code.

The second pic with the directional sign has loads of other signs around it and in from of it. Its impossible to read all that in the 5 seconds or so that are available in passing it, esp when its not a lit sign.

Information overload when you are in an area you don't know.


Oh, and the location is Langsett Rd, close to Ripley St, Sheffield.

Hope the PCN pic is ok - had to reduce it as not much download space left.
Oooh Sheffield
Just down from here,-...3312!8i6656
That's the directional sign, follow the road and can see the yellow advisory and then hit the Bus Gate with big signs, compared to many these are huge.

Apologies if I seemed a little abrupt BTW, whether or not bus gate is defined in HC dunno but the signage is certainly there and although many drivers do not seem to equate blue signs with "Must Obey" they are as common now as many other signs and you have to be aware or get these sort of PCNs through the post.

I mention the pre-warning signs as they are something an adjudicator will be looking at and TBH, I cannot fault the signage here.

So we will need to find if any technical or known issues.
Could you post all pages of the PCN please so we can check wording and payment terms ?
What am I missing here? The contravention is timed at 06.36 This is an am time The restriction does not start until 07.00am
Probably the file size reduction - its actually 08.13
QUOTE (PASTMYBEST @ Sun, 27 Jan 2019 - 15:56) *
What am I missing here? ………….

Specsavers biggrin.gif
QUOTE (HoppingMad @ Sun, 27 Jan 2019 - 16:08) *
Probably the file size reduction - its actually 08.13

In that case then we need to see the rest of the PCN ask Stamfordman of CP to post the video if you cannot, I think you can make an argument re the signage. The advanced signs are not illuminated as required by regs and the sign is easily obscured by high vehicles A 50/50 shot perhaps
Ok, so I've just attached Page 2. Despite it saying Page 2 of 1032, that's it just details about representations.

They must have left out the other 1030 pages!

@PMB TSRGD 2016 REg8(2) applies on lighting doesn't it ?

Al the pages you got please, normally 3 or 4 pages, we need the lot.
Host them on an external free piccie site and link back here, flikr works I think?
I can absolutely assure you that all I have is a single page, printed both sides.

@DancingDad - Ive just googled those regs you mentioned - mentions Bus Lane, but not Bus gate, out of interest.
[quote name='DancingDad' date='Sun, 27 Jan 2019 - 16:53' post='1455983']
@PMB TSRGD 2016 REg8(2) applies on lighting doesn't it ?

I read it as reg 4 part 4 of schedule 3, reasoning being they impose the regulatory sign into the non regulatory 877
How bizarre is this :

Page 2 of 1032

Should you wish to make representations against the imposition of the penalty charge, indicate below by ticking the appropriate box(s) why you believe you are not liable and give all relevant details in the box below, using additional sheets if necessary. sign the form and return it to the Council at the address shown below.

Heres the funny bit which follows the above :


QUOTE (PASTMYBEST @ Sun, 27 Jan 2019 - 17:40) *
QUOTE (DancingDad @ Sun, 27 Jan 2019 - 16:53) *

@PMB TSRGD 2016 REg8(2) applies on lighting doesn't it ?

I read it as reg 4 part 4 of schedule 3, reasoning being they impose the regulatory sign into the non regulatory 877

Schedule 12 part 19 & 20 allow signs to be included in the directional sign and specifies which may be incorporated.
They become part of the Directional sign in that respect and not the regulatory sign itself.
As such requirement specific to the regulatory sign no longer apply.

Just noticed, those signs at the start of the bus lane have lights on them but are clearly not lit. Much clearer on the video as two blokes walk underneath it and do not get illuminated. Theres also a lorry waiting to turn right on the other side of the road blocking out that sign
PM me the details of the PCN and I'll post the video so everyone can comment.

I agree the signs don't look lit.
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