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Full Version: T Bar on double yellow Line
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I have had a PCN issued for parking on Double yellow lines, at the point I parked there was a gap of some 30cm to the yellow line "T" Bar terminator so no wheels touching the yellow lines at all.

I appealed the charge and it was dismissed stating the restriction applies past the "T" bar

I thought the "T" bar denoted when the restriction ends

Any advice would be appreciated
Post the PCN, council pics and give the google street view location.

Put pics on or such like.
I don't have the Council Pictures just the one posted earlier that I took the car didn't move
Steet view location below.,-...33;8i8192?hl=en
Council pictures are normally found on the council website. In any event upload a copy of the PCN, there can be errors that make it invalid. That being said, I'm not sure your vehicle was in contravention at all.
If the photo posted is a proper reflection of hoe you parked then it is not a contravention. Some part of the vehicle would have to be over the DYL for it to be a contravention.

You have the T bar and the kerb blips both of which need to be at the start/end of the restriction, although T bars are no longer mandatory

Post the PCN your challenge and the rejection and get and post the photos
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