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first time using these forums so please excuse errors / omissions
Contravention 53j: accidentally drove into a time-controlled pedestrian zone in Newham on 14 Aug 2018. Received PCN from Newham Council on 23 November 2018 along with photos and video evidence. Vehicle is hire-purchase so I am registered keeper, not owner.

Does the council have a time limit by which it should issue the PCN?

any advice would be very welcome thank you.
Show us the PCN. You say you're the registered keeper, do you have the V5C for the vehicle? Is the name and address on the V5C correct (don't assume, go and look at the V5C and check)?
So sorry i never got a notification of a reply.
here is the PCN.

I am not the registered keeper; the car is on a PCH and presumably the council have taken my details from DVLA who would've taken them from the leasing company.

Still, aren't they out of time ? Doesn't the CCTV code of practice say 28 days ?

Take down the PCN and remove your name and address. then repost

It would appear that the lease/hire purchase co made representations to the effect that they are not the keeper and the first PCN was cancelled. Not to say that you shouldn't put the council to proof that that is the case.

along that stretch of road are 3 separate pedestrian zones in quick succession so there could be more PCN's on the horizon. check with the council and/or lease company
Thank you. I got off the high street into a side street so not expecting any more. I will write to the council to suggest they are out of time; see what they say about that.
The PCN number has remained the same, meaning the original wasnt cancelled, if thats any help ?
Re-post the PCN, also post a link to the location on Google Street View.
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