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Full Version: PCN for Stopping in a Box Junction
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Dear all,

Thanks for reading my thread, it's my first time that I've receive such a PCN.
I tried to appeal it and explain that the car at front or me were moving at a reasonable speed and I was behind him at a reasonable distance and speed but the car at front of me suddenly stopped and I have not had a vision to see what's at the front of that car to not follow it or enter the box junction, but they rejected that.

I need to share the information with you as you are professionals and get your advice and thoughts about it.

There was no way to download the images but I could save the video :

Press the "! REPORT" button and ask a moderator to move it to the "Council..." section of the forum.
Your link doesn't work.
Unfortunately you have fallen into the trap that catches so many in London, (the only location in the UK enforcing YBJs). From what you say you charged willy-nilly into the box without a pause. Fatal ! Never, ever assume traffic will carry on moving when if you follow it into a YBJ. The appeal arguments that have succeeded are (1) minimal time stopped, less than 5 seconds (but depends on what the adjudicator had for breakfast, some are really anal on this one), (2) exit from the YBJ was clear on entry but somebody took your space and you could not have anticipated this, and (3) you stopped for something other than the presence of stationary vehicle, like a pedestrian running out in front of you.

However until we see the video, meaningful advice can't really be given. Post the PCN too, please, it is the norm for this forum.
Upload the PCN in full, as sometimes the council make mistakes in the small print. Also post the video, if you don't know how, PM me the PCN details and I'll do it for you.
Thank to all, for your help and support so far, regarding posting the PCN in full or uploading it, do you mean the number or I need to upload the photos of the PCN letter that I received?

The PCN number is : IZ10426571

Regarding the video I will ask cp8759 to kindly help me.

So I will keep you all updated soon.

Thank you once again.

Looks banged-to-rights.
Earl Purple
From what I see in the video the car in front stopped due to a vehicle in front and you did not have sufficient space to fit in behind but proceeded and ended up stopped in the box.

That is exactly what the contravention is so you should probably pay the discount as an adjudicator will see the same as cp8759 and myself and come to the conclusion that you did indeed contravene.
Only chance is a fault with the PCN as the contravention is made out by the video.
I see, ok, you are right, this will be a good lesson for me to be more careful next times.
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