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Full Version: Two PCNs - Parking in a Suspended Bay - 21r
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Hi all,

I'm hoping you will be able to advise as to two PCNs received for parking in a suspended bay?

I've had my car parked on my street in Lambeth since Saturday 27th October. I don't use it during the week and only rarely use it at weekends so it hasn't moved in the interim. At some point on or prior to Friday 9th October parking in front of four houses on my street was suspended. A single sign was posted:

My car was parked roughly 20 feet to the left of my house on the opposite side of the road, and I turn right to walk to work so did not ever walk directly past the sign. From a side-on angle, and from a distance, especially at the times that I would have had an opportunity to see it, there is almost no clue that the sign is there, especially when leaving the house prior to dawn and returning well past sunset.

What I can see at night before turning into my house. The nearest lamp post is some way away so the sign isn't well lit at all:

A selection of pictures from the tickets on the 9th and 10th November are in the below link. Although they're taken from a slightly different angle you can see that the position of the wheels in relation to the paving slabs hasn't moved, and that the wheels themselves are in the same position. I'm hopeful that I have grounds here for the removal of the second PCN issued as this was a continuing contravention?

The big question is whether or not I have grounds to viably challenge the first PCN? I cannot find any record online of when the notice would have been posted, and am unsure if this is something readily available, however would have loved to have avoided this whole scenario by moving my car if I'd have known that it was going to be parked where it shouldn't.

I can see from other posts that Lambeth has two versions of the Suspended Parking sign, with one being revoked in 2011, however to my untrained eye I can't see the differences between the two versions? The sign posted on my street doesn't match either from what I can see (posted sign uses 'Suspended' rather than 'Suspension' but I don't know if this makes any difference. Can I appeal based on the sign being posted as a flat object without the 'wings' giving it visibility, or can this aid my argument that the sign wasn't visible enough?

Both PCNs are below:

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance,

You can definitely challenge the second one as a continuous contravention. You may be able to challenge the first on on the basis of inadequate signage, the sign is meant to be triangular to ensure visibility from all directions.
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