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Full Version: 2 PCN's issued within 4 hours of each other
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I've paid for one of my tickets on time. It was for failing to display a disabled badge in a disabled bay (I forgot to put it up )

So I was surprised to find a NTO in my mail. So a pcn had been issued at 11:48 and later another one at 15:35, I returned to my vehicle at around 16:15 and had only one ticket (the 15:35 pcn) on my window which I paid .

I viewed the evidence for both tickets (the NTO had a pcn number so I looked online) and on both occasions, there is only 1 ticket on the window.

So am I liable in this situation?
No, you were in continuous contravention, so I would appeal the NTO saying you'd already paid PCN no xxxx issued at xxxx and there was no second PCN on the car, and you understand that any additional PCN issued while the car hadn't moved must be cancelled owing to it being in continuous contravention.

Also, you shouldn't have paid the first one - it was well worth asking for discretion.
if the car had not been moved then it should be fairly certain the second PCN would be cancelled as a continuous contravention. (you can only be punished once for the same offence)

Please post all of both sets of photos. Keep the separate.
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