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Full Version: parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours
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Hi People,
Can you please help me.
There is a parking ticket (PCN) issued by Liverpool city council a few days ago. The car was parked on a public road from 830 till about 1500.
The area of the road where the car was parked has no signs on lamp-posts and no lines on the road.
The entrance to the road was just marked with a speed sign.
I don’t see how the driver could have known it was a restricted street or known what the prescribed hours were.

I would welcome any advice, points or questions.
you'll have to give us a few more clues. All we really know is it's in Liverpool.
John U.K.
As usual, for best advice also post up here all sides of the PCN and GSV(Google Street View ) link to the location.

Try this:

Do not attach docs/photos, but use this method:

Photo or scan. see
for how to do it. I use Tinypic for stage 2 with no problems. Thera are other sites, such as Flickr (where the BBcodes are concealed behind the curly arrow (click on it) for sharing) and imgur, which enable you to paste the BBCodes into your post here.
STAGE 1 takes care of resizing. If you use Tinypic for Stage 2, on the left each image in Tinypic is a list of links. Highlight and copy the entire link 'for forums' from the list for each image - beginning with IMG and ending /IMG (include all the square brackets [ ] ), and paste each link into your post. Each copied and pasted link will embed a thumbnail link in your post.

Using the attachment method is not advised as it means quickly running out of attachment space.

Redact/obscure name, address, PCN number and reg.mark.
LEAVE IN all dates/times; precise location, Contravention code and description
Sorry Standfordman,
this is my first time on here.
What further info would be usefull?
QUOTE (stadium @ Wed, 24 Oct 2018 - 15:41) *
Sorry Standfordman,
this is my first time on here.
What further info would be usefull?

Post up all sides of PCN, council photos and a link to GSV.
PCN, council pics, google street view. I suspect it's in a controlled zone of some sort.

Liverpool is not a council known for being easy on things.

As per John but I favour:

Put pics on and post BBcode embed links.
Ok thanks i'm trying to upload the pictures biggrin.gif

I hope this helps

The photos are all mine, i dont know if the council took pics.
You've removed too much info from the PCN. Repost, redacting only PCN number and VRN. Leave everything else in.

Is this better ?

This is the Google street view, However, there seem to be more yellow lines in the street view than at present. I think there's been a lot of roadworks.,-...3312!8i6656
Well there is supposed to be a single yellow line there no doubt controlled by a zone sign. But it's been obliterated probably by roadworks. I think enough of it has gone for you to challenge this.
Thanks alot, any advice on the best way to go about challenging it?
This is what I call a joke PCN, the CEO must be having a laugh. Just write to them:
Dear Sir or Madam,

The alleged contravention quite obviously did not occur. I was not parked on a double or single yellow line and there were no signs to indicate that parking at the location in question was prohibited. Indeed, the photos taken by the CEO must quite clearly evidence that the section of road where I was parked is not subject to any parking restrictions at all. I hope you will give suitable words of advice to CEO LV154 and I look forward to receiving confirmation that the PCN was issued in error and has been cancelled.

Thank you
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