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Full Version: PCN YBJ in Cardiff - ?non compliant
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Hi all,

I am trying to get some advice whether the PCN I received today for a YBJ could be thrown out for non-complicance?
It was almost a month ago, so in all fairness, cannot remember what happened, based on the images provided I stopped in the YBJ for at least 4 seconds as a bus was obstructing my exit.
Unofrtunately I cannot load the video, will try tomorrow on another PC, so not sure whether it was a slow flow of traffic which just suddenly stopped or I went in there with the bus already stationary...

I believe in the grand scheme of things it wouldn't matter as I technically shouldn't have stopped (as the bus didn't cut in front of me).
It's not about the £35, but I feel even though I stopped there I didn't actually obstruct any part of the junction, so practically I didn't cause any disruption or inconvenience to anyone.

Looking at the YBJ, I think I may have grounds for appeal as I don't think it actually conforms to the rules pertaining to YBJs, as it doesn't extend to the curb at any of the corners.

Do you think it would be enough?
Also, is there anything on the notice that may invalidate it?

And the YBJ

Many thanks!
Hmm, pretty thin gruel for an appeal. It's all technical so you'd end up at adjudication for the full PCN penalty. The discount might be your best option. Never charge into a YBJ unless you're sure you can exit. If your stuck for getting out, tootle very slowly hoping the trafic will start moving as the offence is stopping. Saying you didn't obstruct anybody is not a defence.
we need to see the video and re post ALL the PCN redact only name address PCN no and reg number
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