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Full Version: Restricted parking single yellow line
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The highway rat
Good morning
I am looking for some advice regarding my daughter stopping on a restricted single yellow line.
Last week she dropped her friend home to her house. The driveway already had a car on it so she stopped on the road outside the house. She helped her friend carry bags into the house and returned to her vehicle. There was a parking ticket stating the car had been observed for 5 minutes stopping in a restricted area. She said she didn’t look for the signs as she didn’t think about a restriction outside her friends house. I sent her back to take a photo The restriction was no parking between 2 and 3 and it was this time when she was there.
As she wasn’t technically parked but was dropping her friend off is this good enough for appeal. How would I word the appeal to correctly get the point across.
Thank you for your help.
As is usual here, post up all sides of PCN, council photos and link to GSV.
Alighting and unloading are both exemptions but why did it take 5 mins (if it did)?

Post materials as per peter. use s site such as
The highway rat
Thank you. I have attached the parking sign and copy of the ticket.
The ticket says the car is a Fiat but it’s actually a Vauxhall
My daughter went into the house to take bags in and took a few minutes saying goodbye so she did exit the car for a few minutes - probably just long enough for the ticket to be produced.
She should challenge saying it was for the purposes of alighting and unloading luggage, which she helped take in.

I can't read the PCN - post it on

The point can be made politely that there was no intention to park during the restriction, which I expect is there to deter commuters, and this was a genuine drop off to a resident of the road.

A nice council will cancel; a nasty council won't. I can just make out that it's Sefton - and I'm afraid they are nasty, usually.
The highway rat

Thank you for the advice - I’ll give that a try
Thank you
You need to take higher resolution pictures of the PCN, the pictures you've provided are unreadable.
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