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Full Version: PCN Suspended Parking Bay
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Hi, I parked my motorbike in a motorcycle parking bay (Westminster) on 02/09/18 and paid via ParkRight for 1 month. When I returned 20/09/18, I received a PCN on 19/09/18 - "Parked wholly or Partly in a suspended bay".

It seems there was a suspended period of parking which was active after I first parked there. Can I challenge this PCN? if so, on what grounds?

Where did you go? It's always a risk to leave a vehicle in bay for more than a few days without checking for suspensions, especially in London.

Post the PCN and pic of sign.
I park my motorcycle at Paddington station and travel to work, sometimes for a few days other times (in this case) it was for a few weeks.

Attached is the PCN, when I returned there was no restriction sign.
Mad Mick V
Similarities to this case, but I think it was appealed:-


OP---- you need to explain to the Council that you parked your bike long term and that it was legally parked in the bay when the AWS and suspension signs were erected. The Council should have suspension logs which indicate the registration numbers of the bikes in situ when the signs went up and which will demonstrate that you were were therefore legally parked. On this basis ask that the PCN be cancelled.

If they come back with the view that you should check your bike frequently then respond that you have no legal obligation to do so.

Thanks again for your help, I will appeal and let you know how I get on.
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