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Full Version: Is this response from Islington when asking to see evidence legit?
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Apologies if tis has been asked before, I did do a brief search through the forum.

I parked outside a specific house which had a temporary one day restriction. Didn't see the yellow sign (it was late) and in the morning, I found that they had moved my car to the other side of the road and a ticket naturally ensued.

I went online to see the photographic evidence, only to find they now ask you to email them. When I emailed, I received this automated response.

Thank you for your email which has been received by Islington Parking Services. Our target deadline for a response is 1 Month. On occasions we do get more enquiries than usual and it takes longer for us to reply. In the unlikely event you have not heard from us within 15 working days, please telephone 020 7527 2000, quoting the Penalty Charge Notice (Parking Ticket) number. We will ensure you are not disadvantaged by the wait.
If you have not provided a Parking Ticket number OR a VRN (we need both of these if possible), please resend your email with this information as we will be unable to process your enquiry without this.
Thank you
Islington Parking Services
PO Box 2019
WR10 9BN

Is this allowed, or is it argument for fettering an appeal?

Additionally, is there something about the council needing changes to traffic orders to allow these temporary restrictions, but they don't usually apply for them correctly? I'm incredibly rusty on this stuff so I might have it totally wrong.

The ticket is attached, but no council evidence yet (obv).

Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment
Islington's online pics/video been down for 2 years - nothing new here. They will hold the discount if you challenge saying you still want to see it.

We need the pics of signs to comment further.
We need the pics of signs to comment further.

which I never got. Have to see if they form part of their evidence
Well, they relocated the car rather than towed it so you may be lucky here in any case. If you want to pursue it make a challenge within the discount period saying something like the signage was not adequate and you would like to see the pics, as previously requested.

Did you take any pics?
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