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Full Version: NHS hospital parking charges ended in Wales
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QUOTE (cabbyman @ Sat, 1 Sep 2018 - 12:05) *

Already there if one of the parking hell progs on TV is to be believed.
One hospital in Wales that was featured had its car park swamped with commuters taking advantage of free parking.
The hospital I work at is right next to a University campus. Free parking would be hell.

I have said before when you see news stories about seriously ill people spending a fortune - my Trust and most others I know have a scheme for free/discounted parking for patients and visitors if you ask. I think all Trusts are also obliged to run a healthcare travel costs scheme where if you are on certain benefits including Pension Credit they will pay not only your parking but also fares and mileage to the hospital.

These aren't always hugely publicised because there are also people who take the mick, demanding we lay on taxis and ambulances when they have no actual need. It has a huge cost to the NHS. I have a conversation at least every week with someone who "always gets ambulances" despite not lacking money or working legs.

Normally at the stage where "in that case then you'll just have to stay another night while we work out how to get you home" a family member or taxi fare suddenly materialises.

There shouldn't ever be a case where someone struggling to make ends meet us also struggling to pay hospital parking charges.
The hospital in my area (SE London) has pay parking, and it's always full, so I have to park far away in a residential area anyway. Getting rid of the PPCs would be worthwhile for other reasons, but that would not have any effect on the lack of parking spaces in my area.

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