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Full Version: 16 Parking Tickets
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Hi guys,

I have a good one here...

Hunter Forest & Co, (402533) are attempting to recover an apparent debt of over £4500 for an apparent 16 parking tickets. They wrote to me in the past and addressed the letter to me but in using the wrong initial for my first name. I wrote back to them and told them they had made an error.

They then wrote back to me using the correct initial and called me saying I owe over £4500 for these tickets. I wrote back and asked for them to produce photographic evidence of the offences.

Just recieved a letter this morning from them, by the way it's took two months for them to respond.

Here is what I got...

Balance DUE £294.51.

Two photographs,

One of a vehicle that I have never owned.

One of I vehicle I have owned that is clearly on double yellows and copy's of 14 tickets with the latest being dated the 26/04/05.

I have read somewhere that tickets must display not only the offence time and date ie...

From: 21:10 To: 21:15 on 05/01/04 but the actual issue date as well.

Can any one give any advice on this matter asap please.

Many thanks,

Why are they suddenly trying to recover on 16 tickets ??

When were the tickets issued & over what period ??

They have been trying to recover for about 6 months and the tickets where issued between 2003 / 2004.

As I said earlier though... No issue dates visible. The cars where registered at a different address than the one where they are trying to recover from and some of the tickets have some real obvious errors on them...

Here is one...

Start Time - 09:50 End Time 10:05.

At Location - 1/2 Hour Park. In other words the ticket was issued for parking in a half hour restricted area for 15 minutes.

Here's Another...

Same Vehicle Booked On 2/03/03 - Excise Licence - 12/03 yet when it was booked on 30/05/03 the Excise Licence was 06/03.
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