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Full Version: Roadside NIP, SJPN now received 5 months later
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Hi, complete newbie (couldn’t even find how to post)

End of April 18 travelling along Eastern Perimeter Rd Heathrow, I came around a corner heading south behind hangers and I spotted a Police 4x4 parked up on my right between metal fencing as it was an access point. I slowed and passed and the blue lights went on and police car followed me. I pulled over at the first available place and waited. Cop came up to Car showed me gun and said “51 in a 30” and I replied “oh” and acted quizzed. In short my question is this...He was sat in his vehicle at time of using his gun (that’s if the readings are even mine) he wasn’t facing head on to me but across my path. Given he could of angled gun to be as near as damn it, but he wasn’t outside vehicle and was operating alone. In the guidelines it says particular attention should br given when operating around airports etc etc too much interference and the close proximity of the mesh fencing as well. Not sure what to do as I have 2 SP30’s and this will stick me on 12 points if I receive 6. I don’t believe he operated the device within guidelines. Is this enough to question the operator on?
The Rookie
It’s fine to use a laser from inside a vehicle through an open window, unlike a radar there is no more likely to be anything at an airport affecting it than anywhere else.

I doubt you have anything to cast reasonable doubt based on what you say, in which case a guilty plea is probably the least painful option.
Jlc you'll have the opportunity to enter an exceptional hardship plea to reduce the 6 months ban - if they sentence at 6 points which is most likely.

You may want to opt for a court hearing anyway to get the opportunity to beg for a short ban instead to avoid totting.
QUOTE (Jlc @ Sat, 11 Aug 2018 - 21:47) *
You may want to opt for a court hearing anyway to get the opportunity to beg for a short ban instead to avoid totting.

You will probably be asked to attend anyway since you face a ban either way. In many areas Single Justices do not disqualify a driver in absence but instead adjourn the matter for a full court hearing, giving him the opportunity to attend.

jlc's suggestion is worth a try but unlikely to succeed. Firstly 51 is only just in the top band of seriousness and would normally not attract a ban. But more than that, magistrates have guidance which suggests that where they have an option of points or a ban and the ban would result in "totting up" then they should impose points.
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