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Full Version: council PCN - make and colour not wrong
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Hello I have received a council PCN for parking on a street during restricted hours. I only intended to pop into a shop for 10 minutes, so technically the ticket is true? I have checked the photos online and it shows the parking signage and my vehicle parking on the single yellow line. However the vehicle make and colour have been listed as 'other' on the PCN. Can I contest this?

The vehicle make and colour are irrelevant. For best advice please upload the council photos and a link to the location on Google Street View.
Please post up the information requested.
All the Council are required to provide as far as the vehicle is concerned is the correct VRM.
Here are the councils photos:

Photos confirm contravention complete.

If no one finds any weakness in the PCN, best to pay up.
Unless you have an exempt activity such as loading then it looks like pay the discount time.

Going shopping is not exempt.
Basically, you chanced your arm and in this case, you lost. Discount looks the best option.
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