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Full Version: bus lane pcn's
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I really need so help here, i came home friday evening to 5 individual letters all the same apart from the ref number
basically ive got 5 bus lane pcn's that were being delivered to my old address it took me a good 30 mins to work out what was going on, but there all from june/july 2017. i moved to my new address in march 2017 and these offences were on route to my new home. i updated everything i thought i needed to my drving licence bank ards etc but i didnt with the v5, yes its my fault for not updating the v5 and in october 2017 i got a ticket for this particular bus lane which i payed immediately and stopped using this bus lane( i know it sounds silly of me to keep using this bus lane but its also the park and ride lane and entrance to my local garden centre, its a strange one and was never cameraed until last year)my question is if i got a tjicket at my new address in ict kast year why have the council kept sending (i assume) reminders to my old address when ive had a ticket at my new one, also is there any grounds to fight this as i never new anything about the tickets hence i would have payed the 1st one and not got another 4, ive heard about the out of time statutory declaration pe2 and pe3 forms, it amounts to £864 which i cant pay ive only jyst come to terms with my brothers murder and i now have to care for my mother who has parkinsons, this is really stressing me out i dont have money like that, i rang marstons to sort out a payment plan i payed £50 which was all i had they now want £209 by friday6th july and then £50 a week until its payed,thats pretty much all my benefit money i just dont know what to do. i would appreciate any advice/help..Thanks in advance
John U.K.
Whilst waiting for other to chip in, contact bailiff online at
Best advice around and highly-recommended by the experts here.
we need to see all document you have received ALL of them. Redact only personal details we need dates times and location
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